Insomnia Research

Feb 28, 2013

Sleep Misperception

There is a subgroup of chronic insomnia sufferers who consistently report extended periods of little or no sleep with no evidence of objective sleep disturbance and without the level of daytime impairment commensurate with the degree of sleep deficits reported. This is the defining characteristic for the diagnosis of Paradoxical Insomnia in the International Classification … + read more

Feb 20, 2013

Sleep & Circadian Functioning

Allison Harvey has published an important article in the 2011 edition of Annual Review of Clinical Psychology titled “Sleep and circadian functioning: Critical mechanisms in the mood disorders.” She identifies seven lines of research which bear on the relationship between sleep and mood disorders: sleep disturbance is a risk factor and early warning signal of … + read more

Jan 30, 2013

Sleep Diary

In the February, 2012 issue of Sleep, Colleen Carney and a group of sleep specialists completed the 7 year task of generating a standard sleep diary and instructions for the assessment of insomnia. Actually they generated 2 forms, a short form completed daily in the morning and a long form completed daily in the morning and at … + read more

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