Insomnia Treatment

Feb 28, 2013

Sleep Misperception

There is a subgroup of chronic insomnia sufferers who consistently report extended periods of little or no sleep with no evidence of objective sleep disturbance and without the level of daytime impairment commensurate with the degree of sleep deficits reported. This is the defining characteristic for the diagnosis of Paradoxical Insomnia in the International Classification … + read more

Feb 21, 2013

Sleeper Activity: Sleep Diary

Sleeper Activity: Sleep Diary: Instructions for completing a sleep diary, one of the essential tools in the assessment and treatment planning for insomnia.

Feb 05, 2013

Sleep Hygiene and Beyond

Healthy sleep hygiene practices are a necessary but generally not sufficient part of insomnia treatment. They are also an essential part of a clinical inquiry into sleep difficulties. A recently published Sleep Hygiene Practice Scale (Yang, Lin & Hsu. 2010. Hygiene practices in good sleepers and patients with insomnia. Journal of Health Psychology, 15, 147 … + read more

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